A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This is a short horror game, made by Narrow Game.

This Game Contains Loud noises and jumpscares that can be uncomfortable or even harmful for some people who suffer from diseases like epilepsy or heart problems or other than that.

Note: you should check the input before playing the game:

Crouch (Toggle)Press the "C" Button
Toggle FlashlightPress the "F" Button
Run (Hold)Hold the Left Shift Button

If you wanna help me to create new better games, you can donate me here: https://ko-fi.com/narrowgame Thx a lott :)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Casual, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


The Hotel Killer [Stable].zip 53 MB
The Hotel Killer (Linux) [Untested Version].zip 55 MB
The Hotel Killer (Mac Os) [Untested Version].zip 56 MB

Install instructions

There are some versions on different platforms like Mac Os or Linux that are not tested.


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Hey guys, I'm new to youtube and would appriciate if you watched my video (: if you do enjoy leave a like and comment it would make my day (: oh and subscribe if you reallly liked it ! Thank youuuuuu

This game was great I had fun playing it. The jumpscares got me GreatJob!

Strange, but enjoyable! Good job! Jumpscares got me every time.

Thank you Pigeon for playing the game :)

its an eh game.models were eh. audio..eh.. just bad if im gonna be honest :(

Thank you RetroElectro for your feedback, am sure it will help to make better projects in the future :)

The game was awesome. Loved the unexpected jumpscares, also is there an ending where the player doesn't die?

(the game is in the video btw)

Thank you so much for playing the game. (And unfortunately, there's no ending in which the player survive) :)

I lost my voice because of these jumpscares, anyways great game. I'm surprised this game has a lot of jumpscares

Haha, am sorry for your voice.

Otherwise, thank you for playing the game :)

this game was a scary but fun jumpscare , i recommended this game ;)

Thank you for playing it :*

It was a scary game at the start, however the mid running jumpscares were consistent. Loved the game overall, had great atmosphere/ambience.

I made a YouTube video about it with funny moments and scary moments in between! ❤️ Stay safe and be responsible! 

Thank you JZeeYT so much for playing it, and am so glad that you liked the game.

This was genuinely scary; the scary glitch effect and camera shake with the bloomed lights really made the killer that much spookier and the jumpscared sprinkled around the area were really well done and effective! Would have been interesting to see more of the game and the story and the killer's story as well. But it was still fun and spoopy!

Thank you Lucifier for playing the game, i appreciate it.

Stay tuned for the next projects :)


Just wanted to say what a great project you have! Can i contact you somehow?

Thank you yar97. You can contact me on this email:


or on my instagram:


Check out my video :)

This game was really cool! Fun jumpscares! I hope the devs make more!

♥ love you guys ♥

Thank you so much LuvStell for playing the game.

i hope you liked it :)

I didd!! Thank you for making such an awesome game! :)

Interesting game, I think I missed the exit door haha 


Thank you for playing it, i appreciate it :*

Not a bad little game, I liked the chase sequences, good work :)


I appreciate it Stella :*

This game has a RIDICULOUS amount of jumpscares!😂 But I honestly think it helped, also the story was pretty good. Wish it also included a good ending, but nevertheless I really enjoyed your game! :)

Thank you Bop Man for your feedback, i really appreciate it :*

Very nice hotel.

Thank you Smuse for playing the game :)

Good game


Thank you :)

This game was brilliant, I absolutely loved it! It got my heart racing and blood pumping quite a few times, especially when being chased and trying to find the way out! Great stuff! It's the 2nd game in the vid, please take a look and enjoy.

MolyneuXDoes Thank you So much for playing the game and telling me your feed back :)

You are welcome. Thank you for making a great game!

the thing i liked are effects

Thank you for playing it :*

Hey there! Great short horror game. My only suggestion would be to add a flashing lights warning in game in case anyone has any sensitivities to that, and also maybe shorten the running sequence just a little bit. Otherwise, those jumpscares got me really good! Thank you so much for sharing your game!

I played this for my YouTube channel, if you'd like to check it out in another tab then follow this link!

Thank you Aliean for your feedback :)

And the game has already a warning in the main page, and in the main menu

Oops, sorry, I missed it! Thanks for letting me know, that's great!

The jumpscares.. WERE EVERYWHERE

Haha, i hope you liked it :)

I feel like some of the jump scares were too close together, but they still got me anyway. Love these kinds of games, would love to play more!

Thank you John for playing it And giving me your feedback so i can make better games in the future :*

Great game!! Real heart racing but is there an escape from him??🤔

Thank you for your feedback icykittycat98 :), And, unfortunately there's no escape from him

This was pretty good but I got kind of annoyed and didn't finish. I died 3 times in a row in ways that didn't make any sense and got tired of starting over from the beginning every time.


RobBoberty Thank you for your feedback, and i'll work to find a solution for that problem in the future projects. :*

I can't remember the last time I got scared so much, great game!

(It's the second game of the video)

Thank you rageoak for playing it :*

It was pretty fun... just maybe tone down the jump scares and add a checkpoint or two! Nice job!

Thanks for playing it wastedwork :)

Thanks for making it!

i literally poop myself... literally

Haha, am sorry for that.

But i hope you liked the game, thanks for playing it :)



Thanks for playing it on YouTube, i really appreciate that :)


Had a blast playing the hotel killer. The killer looked both horrifying and hilarious at the same time. Great scares overall. Outside of the hotel was my favorite part visually! Definitely want to see a part 2 taking place outside of the hotel! Great work narrowgame!


Thank you GripCity Gaming for posting it on YouTube, i really appreciate it :) And am currently not planning to make a part 2, but if you gave me the idea, maybe in the future

Anyways thank you again for you support and keep going on making videos .

You're welcome. I can't wait to see what you end up doing in the future! I'll be keeping an eye out for sure. 

This game have great moments.


Thanks for playing it :)

4 estrellas

buen juego

Muchas Gracias !

Looks like a cool game!

Yeah, i hope you like it :)

Thank for this game !

ph2t92 Thank you also for playing it :)

Great game. There were definitely a handful of fairly creepy moments. There were also some challenging moments too.. but the biggest strength for me was with how cohesive it was. Perfect timing.. nothing felt boring or slow. Very nice. Game #3

Thank you so much RavencrowProductions!

I really appreciate you for telling me your feedback on my game and Posting it on YouTube.

I really appreciate it :*

Well I will say that your game made my house haunted so thanks

Great game 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you Trailmix for your support, And keep going on making videos. Good luck with it :*

thank you and i will

actually the most jumpscares I've suffered in one of my videos, I started getting upset lol. Well done for what it was!

Haha,am sorry for that mate, anyways i really appreciate you for posting it on YouTube, Thanks SixRLTM

Each jump-scare got me! Great game :)

Haha, am sorry for scaring you. Anyways thanks for playing it :)

Nice short horror game

Would play again

Am happy that you liked it :)

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